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You can view our products such as hazelnut types, hazelnut paste, pastry products, organic nuts prepared for retail sale on our website.
Specialized in its sector thanks to years of experience, and closely following the technology with the aim of being the most innovative company in its sector, Gaffaro, remaining loyal to its establishment vision, has been one of the most preferred brands not only in Turkey but all around the world within its sector thanks to its quality products and superior service manner.

As a company that closely follows the developments of global trade and reflects such developments on its production systems, Gaffaro works with a customer-oriented production and sales policy that responds to changing customer demands.

Being the largest supplier of Turkey’s and world’s greatest food brands and distributors, Gaffaro works with leading brands in the chocolate, pastry, confectionery, ice cream and biscuit sectors in the domestic and foreign markets.

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A Few Facts About Hazelnut


In order to deliver the freshly crushed natural hazelnut kernels to our customers in the freshest way, we carefully select and pack our hazelnuts in our facility with high quality standards.


It is a product prepared by roasting the hazelnut kernels. It can be prepared with the desired degree of roasting, optionally as light, medium or very roasted as well as completely without membrane or with medium level of membrane.

Places of Use: It is consumed in chocolate industry and as dried nuts.


It is a product prepared by blanching the membrane of the hazelnut kernel and separating it from the partially blanched grains.

Places of use: It is used in chocolate industry and salty hazelnut production.


Used as a garnish in baked foods and confectionery to give hazelnut aroma. It has a structure suitable for all kinds of chocolate coating with its crunchy and low fat content.


It is obtained by grinding natural hazelnut kernels. Since it is produced from natural hazelnut, it has membrane and is in the range of 4 – 6% moisture.

It is used to give hazelnut flavor instead of flour.